Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Age Limit for Mr Gay GB & mx Drag GB?

Unlike other national pageants, who usually have an age cap at 25, Mr Gay GB & Mx Drag GB do not have an upper age limit. However, we do have a minimum age limit of 17 years for entry. Other than that, we welcome all ages and encourage diversity. We love to see all areas of marvellous LGBTIQ+ community represented on our platform. 

I need a six Pack to enter Mr Gay GB, right?

All body types are welcome. In fact, we encourage diversity and body positivity within our LGBTIQ+ community. This is your chance to shine!

Both Mr Gay GB and Mx Drag GB all follow the same adjudication process. 

Some challenges are marked by an independent panel of adjudicators at the Grand Finale and other challenges are based around charity efforts, whomever scores the highest in the written test, whoever has the highest overall audience vote, by the contestants themselves in the congeniality round and of course the epic runways.

Finalists will earn marks throughout the pageant in the following criteria: 

  • Charity (vector 3)
  • Written Test (vector 2)
  • Audience Vote (vector 2)
  • National Dress/Regional Costume. (vector 1)
  • Beachwear (vector 1)
  • Formal Wear (vector 1)
  • Congeniality (vector 1)
All the challenge breakdowns can be found on our ‘Vectors Explained’ Page.
Can a Trans Man enter Mr Gay Great britain?

Yes. Absolutely. All welcome. Simples.

Must I have been born in Great Britain to enter?

No. As long as you reside withing Great Britain, you may apply. 

I am a former competitor. Can I apply again?

Absolutely. We always welcome and encourage second chances. You are more than welcome to apply once more and enter the selection process. 

Is Mx Drag Great Britain open to only female impersonators?

Mx Drag GB is open to all  drag artists. The winner of Mx Drag GB will be awarded the title of Mx Drag Great Britain. The competition is open to all gender identities and drag performers. Hence the title, Mx (pronounced ‘Mix’).

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