Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit to enter?

No unlike other national competitions who have an age cap at 25, The Mr Gay and Miss Drag competitions do not have an upper age limit. However, you must be a minimum of 18 years old to enter. 

How are the competitions judged?

All Mr Gay and Mx Drag competitions follow the same adjudication process. 

Some challenges are marked by an independent panel of adjudicators at the Finale and other challenges are whoever raises the most for charity, scores the highest in the written test, whoever has the highest audience vote, and by the contestants themselves in the congeniality round. 

The marks are divided up into categories and they all hold a certain percentage of the overall marks:

  • Charity (20%)
  • Written Test (20%)
  • Audience Vote (20%)
  • National Dress/Regional Costume. (10%)
  • Beachwear (10%)
  • Formal Wear (10%)
  • Congeniality (10%)
Can a Trans Man enter Mr Gay?

Yes. Absolutely. A trans man IS a man. 

Do I have to be born in the country I am competing in to enter?

No you do not. Just bare in mind that if you win, you will become a public ambassador for that country and it’s LBGTIQ+ community.

I have applied before. Can I apply again?

Absolutely. We always welcome and encourage second chances.

Is Mx Drag open to only female impersonators?

Mx Drag is open to all. The winner of the Mx Drag competition will be awarded the title of Mx Drag (country). The competition is open to all identities, just please bare in mind when entering that the title holder will be awarded the Mx Drag title. 

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