Great Britain Finals
AUG 26th 2023 at The Alnwick Garden

Welcome to The Great British
mr Gay and Mx Drag Pageants.

Set up as an antidote to the old nightclub beauty contest, our world-renowned, international pageants have become the most sophisticated, high class and most sought-after titles across the globe.
We look for more than beauty. Our Champions must be a spokesperson for their community, speak from the heart and shine at every challenge thrown their way. 
We can say without a shadow of a doubt, that our titles are the toughest and most sought-after LGBTIQ+ Pageant Titles in the World!

Our International Titles Are Known As The Most Prestigious Pageants In The World.


Current Title Holders

Mr Gay England
David Allwood

Mx Drag England Lavender Love

Mr Gay Europe
Paul Dennison

Steven Whyte

2023 Finalists

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